Main inspection at Mercedes-Benz.

With only one stop: the main inspection including the integrated emissions test.

All in the plan.

Taken care of, thanks to planned main inspections at the Mercedes-Benz Service Partner for my van.

In your everyday activities safety and efficiency belong to the basic building blocks of your success. And we are glad to support you: with the main inspection1 including the integrated emissions test at your Mercedes-Benz Service Partner.

Just one stop at your Mercedes-Benz Service Partner is all it takes to have the inspection done – and you can be on your way again.

Furthermore, necessary service work may be able to be carried out on the same day – with your agreement. This can make a second visit to the workshop unnecessary.


The main inspection is carried out by an officially appointed independent test engineer working for a technical inspection association. The exhaust emissions test is carried out by the test engineer or by one of our authorised personnel.