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The compact Vito with 3200 mm wheelbase

  Standard roof
Vehicle length (mm)   4763
Track circle/turning circle diameter (m)   11.0/11.8
Track circle/ turning circle diameter for all-wheel drive (m)   11.8/12.7
Cargo area (m²)   3.36
Cargo capacity (m³)   5.2
Max. loading length (mm)   2422/2624
Perm. gross vehicle weight (GVW) (kg)   2800/3050 [1]
Perm. GCW (kg)   4600 - 4940 [3]
Towing capacity[4] (kg) braked 2000
unbraked 750 [5]
Kerb weight[6] (kg)   1800 - 1850
Kerb weight [6] with all-wheel drive (kg)   1880
Payload (kg) [7] with GVW of 2.8 t 950 - 1000
3.05 t [1] 1200 - 1240
3.2 t [1] [2] -
Payload (kg) [7] with all-wheel drive at a perm. GVW of 2.8 t 920
3.05 t [1] 1170
Maximum roof load (kg)   150

[1] Optional load uprating

[2] Not for vehicles with all-wheel drive or V6 engines

[3] With perm. GVW for towing vehicle of 3050/3200 kg

[4] Depending on drivetrain, towing capacity increased to up to 2500 kg in conjunction with special equipment (braked).

[5] Towing capacity for 3.2 t perm GVW: 500 kg

[6] Figures according to the EC Directive applicable to the vehicle category, 92/21/EEC or 97/27/EC, in the version applicable at the time of going to print, (kerb weight incl. tools/spare wheel and trailer coupling, if supplied by manufacturer, fuel tank 90% full, driver and, if applicable, luggage) for standard-specification vehicles. Optional extras and accessories will generally increase this figure and reduce the payload accordingly. Note: according to ISO-M06 1176, the kerb weight figures are reduced by up to 75 kg.

[7] Information refers to vehicle without rear seat row

Detailed dimensions are contained in our data sheet – or ask your Mercedes-Benz dealer.


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