Unimog e-Newsletter Archive, 2008

May 2008 issue:
For people who take advantage of what it offers: the Unimog.
The first Unimog U 20 has been delivered. The municipality of Wörth ordered the compact implement carrier U 20 directly following the first presentation.
For people who see what it offers: the Unimog.
The Unimog made an appearance at Germany's most important municipal trade fair, the IFAT 2008 in Munich.

December 2008 issue:
Our thanks for your enthusiasm for Unimog. The Unimog Winter Services screensaver.

October 2008 issue:
A fuel-saving power pack: the thrifty Unimog
Road-railer solutions: the Unimog at InnoTrans
Extremely favourably-priced genuine parts: from your Unimog dealer only

September 2008 issue:
Practical and profitable: in the green with the Unimog
Versatile and multifaceted: solutions with great pulling power at the InnoTrans
Customer-friendly and practical: powerful information from the Unimog at the IAA

July 2008 issue:
Very cost-effective, very efficient: radiator cleaning in
Unimog made simpler.
Very reliable, very sure of its way: the Unimog at the
Transorientale Rally.
Very flexible, very strong: the Unimog road-railer in Le Mans.

June 2008 issue:
Fast, safe, flexible: the Unimog in firefighting and disaster-aid protection in Brandenburg.
Protecting yourself to help rescue others: the heat shield
in the Unimog.

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