Chassis design

Superiority unlimited

With the Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 4000/U 5000, you are the one in charge. And that is guaranteed by its unique chassis, unparalleled worldwide. From its axle suspension to its engaging all-wheel-drive. Every technical detail has only one aim: to fulfil the standards required for your job.

Portal axles

Provide outstanding ground clearance. Deep potholes or obstacles up to half a metre in height? No problem for the Unimog.
All four wheels in constant contact with the ground – even on extremely uneven ground.

Axle suspension

Thrust tubes, wishbone steering and coil springs enable long spring travel and great axle articulation.

Thrust tube technology

Allows for extremely long spring travel and diagonal axle articulation up to 30°.

Engaging all-wheel drive

For maximum traction in every situation


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