Vehicle drive

As much output as you need

Getting demanding jobs done. From early in the morning until late at night. Or the whole night through during a blizzard. That requires nerves of steel. Or a strong partner like the Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 300/U 400/U 500. Then you can really get under way with the correct output for every job.


A full-synchromesh electro-pneumatic transmission with 8 forward and either 6 or 8 reverse gears provide perfect performance for every job. Add the electronic quick reversing system (EQR) for easy and rapid changes of direction, for instance when clearing snow from parking lots or rocking-free in soft terrain

Telligent® gearshift

Simply tip the gearshift knob and depress the clutch. There's no quicker way of shifting gears.


For easier driving and working – without having to use the clutch.

Working and crawler gears

Supplement your basic transmission. Your advantage: the heavy-duty working gears (8/8) increase the speed range and traction. And the crawler gears (8/8) allow you to obtain maximum output at the PTO shaft even at extremely low speeds.

Torque converter and clutch unit

Enables the starting torque to be boosted to as much as double the engine torque – just what is needed for pulling heavy loads.

Hydrostatic drive

Allows a comfortable adjustment of the working speed at a constant engine and PTO speed – even on climbs and when towing a trailer.


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