Implement drive

Endless power, right from the start

Already integrated in the Unimog U 300/U 400/U 500: any amount of power for the most diverse tasks. First of all there are several mechanical implement drives available. At the front: the powerful front PTO with up to 150 kW. At the back: an optional PTO with an output of 120 kW. And in between: 2 powerful auxiliary PTOs. Secondly, you can also use 4 independently running hydraulic circuits. Either a single or dual circuit working hydraulics, or VarioPower® power hydraulics for the higher output range. But best of all: all implement functions can be controlled using just one hand – via the easy-to-operate joystick.

Mechanical implement drive

Front power take-off. Implements with high power consumption can be driven via the engine-driven power-shiftable front PTO, which provides an output. of up to 150 kW.

Rear PTO with standard configuration. Optionally available. Its continuous output of up to 120 kW and 2 PTO speeds provides optimum efficiency, for example for operating wood chippers or large-area mowers.

Auxiliary PTOs. Benefit from an auxiliary PTO to run powerful implements with hydrostatic drives. And a transmission-mounted PTO for operating standard hydraulic pumps for cranes and lifting platforms.

Parameterable on-board electronics

Enables a simple, operation-oriented programming of the vehicle's basic configurations by your Unimog Service partner. And thus relieves the strain on the driver in critical handling situations.

Hydraulic implement drive

Working hydraulics. Versatile output thanks to 2 independent hydraulic circuits: circuit I for controlling implement movements, circuit II for operating a permanent consumer.

VarioPower®. This power-hydraulic system is installed in the space between the tipper/drop-side body and the sub-frame to replace the hydraulic PTO pumps or diesel engines to drive implements and bodies.

Easy connection, simple operation. Colour and numerically-coded hydraulic plugs and connectors make it easy to connect implements. Standardised couplings also make it easier to change implements. Just as simple: the electric control of the hydraulic functions.


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