Economy and the environment

Where superior performance arises

At the heart of the Unimog U 300/U 400/U 500 are the state-of-the-art Euro 5 engines, which combine efficient power delivery with low consumption levels and exemplary environmental compatibility. Up to 210 kW give the Unimog U 300/U 400/U 500 its strength. And you have the choice between a driving and a working mode, depending on the job in hand. Groundbreaking: BlueTec®. With the new SCR diesel technology from Mercedes-Benz you optimise a lot more than just your fuel consumption. You also reduce pollutant emissions and thus fulfil the European Euro 5 exhaust gas emissions standard.

Mercedes-Benz engines

Direct injection, three-valve technology, exhaust-gas turbocharger, intercooler, constant output over a wide rpm range and high power reserves. With these low-maintenance Euro 5 engines you will be at the forefront of technical development – and optimally equipped for a wide variety of tasks. Engine output ranges from 115 kW (156 hp) to 210 kW (286 hp).


Reduces your nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions and minimises fuel consumption without impairing the diesel engine's power.

Driving and working modes

The right engine characteristics at the push of a button: in drive mode, you can benefit from the engine's flexible rev speed characteristics when travelling by road or transporting loads. The work mode ensures minimal rev speed deviations when operating implements or driving off-road, in spite of fluctuating load levels.

Ready for action down to –30° C

Thanks to its heat-insulated fibre-composite cab, heated windscreen, heavy-duty battery to guarantee engine start capability, heated air-dryer for the brake system, fuel and engine pre-heating.


Mercedes-Benz Mongolia