Vehicle drive

Everything under control

The Unimog U 20 offers effortlessly fast gearshifting: the full-synchromesh electropneumatic manual transmission with up to 16 forward and 14 reverse gears delivers high power, even at extremely low speeds, under 1 km/h.


The fully synchronised electropneumatic manual transmission with up to 16 forward gears and 14 reverse gears guarantee precisely-metered power and low fuel consumption for all operating conditions and all speeds, from 1.2 km/h to 90 km/h. Practical: electropneumatic operation with rocker switches for the basic and working gear groups.

Torque converter and clutch unit

The synchromesh EQR (Electronic Quick Reverse) system helps you to quickly change direction, for instance when clearing snow on streets blocked by parked cars.

Parameterable on-board electronics

Enables a simple, operation-oriented basic configuration of your of the Unimog U 20 by your Unimog Service partner. And thus relieves the strain on the driver in critical handling situations.

Telligent® gearshift

Simply tip the gearshift knob towards the front or towards the rear and depress the clutch. Or enter the desired gear manually. Changing gear could not be simpler. And: while shifting gears your right hand is free to operate the implements.


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