Engines, transmissions, axles

A single driving force

Meeting the Euro V requirements in an economical way: durable and powerful engines, with a total of seven power bands. They all boast low fuel consumption, low particulate and exhaust gas emissions and pleasingly long service intervals. And all engines, thanks to their 6-cylinder, in-line engines and Telligent® engine systems, work in a particularly economical and effective way, as they provide maximum torque at a low, fuel-efficient engine speed range. This delivers power to where it’s needed on long-haul journeys: for acceleration, uphill slopes and for overtaking. And there are also the enormously powerful variants of the 12-litre engine with up to 315 kW, which were specially developed for concrete mixers and dump trucks in the 8x4 and 6x4 configurations.

With the Axor you can go about your business easily, economically and in comfort. This is thanks to its application-based transmissions, gearshifts and axles, as well as the weight-optimised frame and finely tuned chassis with a range of suspension variants.

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