The new Axor. Systematically improved

Weighs little - but delivers a lot

Exemplary reliability, high payload capacity and low consumption all go to make the new Axor, either as a tractor or platform truck upwards of 18 t, your ideal working partner. In construction, where it will prove that high load capacity and low unladen weight are not mutually exclusive. Likewise in distribution and medium-distance transport operations, where thanks to its economical 6-cylinder in-line engines, long maintenance intervals and the targeted reduction of its unladen weights, it will deliver first-class results.

Durability, robustness, reliability and economy. The new Axor was designed, built and is regularly tested according to these principles. Testing takes place on the gruelling gradients of the Sierra Nevada in Spain, on the icy roads of Rovaniemi in Finland, during countless individual checks on test stations and, for example, in customer trials. Each improvement or development has to demonstrate that it has achieved a 100% production standard and will perform as intended in practice.

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New Atego, new Axor

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The new Axor
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