Robust, durable and ideal for mounting bodies

The frame of the new Atego is robust and equal to all demands placed on it by everyday operation. The frame members are available in the thicknesses 5.0 and 7.0 mm, depending on the vehicle model. This ensures a high bending strength and torsional stiffness. The 50-mm hole pattern on the frame ensures that the outstanding protective seal produced by the cathodic dip priming process remains intact and is not damaged by having to drill additional holes. In addition, bodies and add-on components such as extra fuel tanks, exhaust systems and batteries can be fitted quickly and easily without the need to drill any extra holes.

And the new optional chassis protective seal is an effective means of corrosion prevention for the chassis and detachable frame components. The transparent protective film allows you to visually check the metal surface and read the nameplates.

Well sprung

The right vehicle for every occasion: whether with steel suspension, air-sprung rear axle or (vehicles over 12 t) with full air suspension on front and rear axles – the new Atego always has just the right solution for your transport operation. In standard guise, the Atego is equipped with corrosion-protected parabolic springs featuring maintenance-free rubber molecular bearings. The result is optimum ride comfort and excellent driving stability. The standard of comfort can be increased yet further thanks to the combination of a steel-sprung front axle and an air-sprung rear axle. Full air suspension with a wishbone is available as special equipment from 12 t.