A wide range of applications. With four cabs to choose from

The new Atego is equipped with the S-cab as standard. It impresses with its compact exterior dimensions combined with a large interior allowing plenty of freedom of movement. And the optional S-cab with a 180-mm rear panel extension is even more spacious. A crewcab seating a total of five is also optionally available.The two L cabs offer room for comfortable beds for jobs that demand rest phases. The L cab is fitted as standard with a comfortable, spacious 68.5-cm-wide standard lower bed. The L cab with a high roof offers even more room and maximum comfort. The comfortable, 68.5-cm wide standard lower bed is fitted as standard, while a second, 70-cm-wide, 190 cm long comfort bed is optionally available for the top.

New Atego, new Axor

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