Mercedes-Benz Sustainable Mobility

Specialised Support Services


  • Maximum availability at lowest possible cost
  • Meeting individual military demands
  • Optimized fleet’s supportability
  • Info-supply on reliability, maintainability and spares usage
  • Development and execution of reliability studies
  • Special features:
  • - CharterWay customised Mobility offerings including Financing,  Fleet Management, Service / Maintenance contracts and Uptime contracts
  • - Integrated Parts inventory solutions across region
  • - Call-centre and road-side assistance offerings
  • - Deployment of dealer network in combination with other service providers for best support infrastructure

Driver Training

  • Vehicle familiarisation for optimal man-machine interface
  • Optimisation of economic and defensive driving behaviour
  • Improved road safety and reduced damage to assets
  • Reduction of fuel, operating and insurance costs
  • Teaching/ refreshing of specific skills:
  • - Segment, vehicle-type and application (e.g. off-road)
  • - Military application and “offensive” driving
  • - Command-and-control related driving
  • - Body-specifi c and material handling training
  • - Operational logistics (air, land & sea)
  • Special features:
  • - Establishment of Train-the-trainer competencies
  • - Establishment of continuous improvement with FleetBoard
  • - Abnormal load training


  • Reduction in fuel consumption and operating costs
  • Minimization of driver-related vehicle damage
  • Reduced wear and tear and workshop stays
  • Complete visibility of location and status of vehicles
  • Increased Uptime of entire fleet
  • Access to CANBUS of truck and reading of error codes
  • Special features:
  • - Performance measuring tool for drivers and trucks
  • - Easy identifi cation of improvement areas
  • - Online monitoring of truck’s technical status
  • - Remote diagnosis to prevent component damage
  • - Position tracking and tracing
  • - Link-up to Command & Control systems for visibility


  • Balancing of cost-effective commercial Best Practice and specific custom-tailored military-based solutions
  • Ongoing support through service network, dealers and support partners
  • Parts supply chain for optimal parts availability and response
  • Programmes for upgrade and refurbishment of customer fleets
  • Training, documentation and engineering of the operator, maintainer and of the system as a whole
  • COTS Documentation and customer tailored solutions (e.g. EPAS) and Engineering support as required
  • Special features:
  • - Development of Offset solutions
  • - Operating & business models for long-term support and integration
  • - Vendor and partner network for special needs (e.g. Bodybuilding)

*Please note that the vehicle specifications may vary from the South African market.