Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks

Mercedes-Benz presents its full line military product range for the first time

With its innovative mobility concept, the special vehicles segment offers a range of military vehicles that meet the highest quality standards and are closely geared to customer requirements. With this range, Mercedes-Benz provides highly-optimised technical vehicle solutions for military forces. The vehicles come equipped for a wide range of basic military requirements and can be easily upgraded with their modular structure to include specialised operational categories.

This highly versatile fleet of high-tech products has been specially designed and engineered to meet the needs of armed forces worldwide. However, the changing frameworks and contexts that future military missions face and that confront multinational military and security forces mean that asymmetrical scenarios represent the greatest operational challenge for international players. From humanitarian aid missions via stabilisation operations through to the special requirements and demands of peacemaking combat operations, Mercedes-Benz offers a military fleet conceptually designed to meet all mission realities. The vehicles are strictly designed to meet the military needs and stand out, above all, through their fully modular design concept, and so produce a package to include all versions.

All the fundamental parameters are consistently designed with capability categories such as sustainment and assertion, support and sustainability, and survivability and protection, as well as protection and mobility in mind. The technical solutions that Mercedes-Benz offers with its range of vehicles equally include logistical and tactical requirements.

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*Please note that the vehicle specifications may vary from the South African market.