Mercedes-Benz Armoured Cabs

Protection at its very best

Mercedes-Benz military vehicles combine increased protection with heavier payloads. Operators have the best of all worlds by benefi tting from superior off-road performance, an exceptional range of bodies and superstructures – while also knowing that their crews are protected in state-of-the-art armouring solutions.

Flexible Armoured Protection Solutions:

  • On all major vehicle applications (G-Wagon, Unimog, Zetros, Actros)
  • Conforms to STANAG 4569 & AEP Vol. 1 & 2
  • Protection for various risk-types such as ballistics, mines, IED and EFP
  • Modular “Toolbox” solution for max. standardization across armoured cabins for improved man-machine interface, parts holding and ILS
  • Upgrading of protection levels possible in case of risk profi le change
  • Optimized ILS and lowest life-cycle costs as key driver of engineering
  • Multiple armoured solution cabins available for various risk profiles:
  • - SHARCC (“Southern Hemisphere Armoured Cabin Concept”) for Ballistic Level 1 and Mine Level 3a/3b (Certifi cation outstanding)
  • - “Mid-level” for Ballistic 2, Mine 2a/2b and IED
  • - “Big Daddy” for Ballistic 4, Mine Level 4a/4b and IED

Actros “Big Daddy” Armoured Solution:

Protected load carrying and towing capability with maximum safety:

  • Up to 80 t Gross Vehicle Weight
  • Payload up to 16 tonnes
  • Wide range of engines and drivetrain components
  • Best protection world-wide on this type of truck
  • Composite panels and spall liner for enhanced ballistic protection
  • Underbody mine blast protection integrated into welded cab structure
  • Ballistic Level 4, Mine Level 4b, IEDs & AEP Vol. II, EFP
  • Selection of mission-proven superstructures such as PLS, truck tractors, recovery and cargo / crane

*Please note that the vehicle specifications may vary from the South African market.