Off-road capability: bad roads are a thing of yesterday

An all-rounder on and off the road

The GL is just as secure over mud, rubble, gravel or on steep inclines as it is on asphalt or towing a trailer. This is made possible by a series of sophisticated technical details, which also look after your safety, leaving you free to enjoy the drive.

Equipped with its standard-specification Off-Road-Pro Engineering package the GL can always find a way – even where there is none: take, for instance, the Hill-Start Assist, which helps you to make progress on an incline, or the off-road ABS, which can reduce braking distances on downhill gradients, particularly when driving on loose surfaces.

  • Really tough: the six-part underfloor panelling made from high-strength plastic and the reinforced front underguard made from stainless steel give the vehicle extra off-road protection.
  • Supremely competent: the modified AIRMATIC with level adjustment and Adaptive Damping System (ADS) achieves ground clearance of 307 mm in the highest off-road setting, as well as a fording depth of 600 mm - so that even stony paths or the beds of streams no longer present an obstacle.
  • Practically no limits: when driving on sloping terrain, if the ground conditions are suitable, the GL achieves a climbing ability of up to 100%, which corresponds to a 45 degree slope angle.
  • Outstanding engineering; the driving dynamics system, consisting of the ESP® electronic stability system and 4ETS electronic traction system adapts itself to the challenges of off-road driving by, for example, changing the timing for brake actuations at the wheels and by raising the 7G-TRONIC shift points.

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