All-wheel drive –  For the high road, low road or no road

Optimum traction at all times

When building a G-Class, we leave nothing to chance. After all, longevity and value retention are key quality features that are a source of great pride to us. The real tests for the G-Class await off-road. And it prepares for these on our special off-roader test routes. This is where a G-Class has to pass its first driving test before being allowed to take the advanced test on the street.

  • Permanent all-wheel drive: On demanding terrain, two precisely located rigid axles with high torsional flexing and long suspension travel provide the necessary ground clearance and outstanding traction, meaning that the permanent all-wheel-drive system can also exert its full influence.
  • High staying power: The G-Class can master gradients of up to 80 percent, remains stable on transversal slopes of up to 54 percent and can ford watercourses with a depth of up to 0.5 metres.
  • Unique technology: The complete on-board package, which includes the Electronic Stability Program ESP®, Brake Assist BAS, anti-lock braking system (ABS), Electronic Traction System 4ETS, three 100-percent differential locks and step-down ratio makes the G-Class unique worldwide.

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