All-wheel drive – as smooth as gliding along on rails

Special handling situations require special technologies

The CL’s all-wheel drive keeps you on track all the time. The 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive system, entirely developed by Mercedes-Benz, sets standards in driving dynamics and ride comfort. It enables powerful moving off and acceleration on poor road surfaces or under poor weather conditions such as in the wet, on ice or on snow.

The permanent all-wheel drive system splits the engine power between the two axles at a fixed ratio of 45 percent to 55 percent – for 100% traction. This allows plenty of power to be planted on the road when moving off and when accelerating, especially on poor road surfaces. Automatic braking pulses make it easier to move off on slippery surfaces as well as enhancing stability during critical manoeuvres. A further advantage of the system is the fact that it is hardly any heavier than the rear-wheel drive version on account of the compact design, the intelligent choice of materials and high level of efficiency.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Intervention without response time: the system is permanently active and can intervene immediately at any moment
  • Optimum traction in every driving situation: 4MATIC is supported by the Electronic Stability Program ESP® as well as the electronic traction system 4ETS. The latter enables controlled braking of spinning wheels at the same time as increasing the drive torque at the wheels with good grip.
  • Conventional differentials are superfluous: the automatic braking impulses improve pulling-away behaviour on low-grip surfaces and improve stability during critical driving manoeuvres.

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