Variability - it’s all about being adjustable

Flexibility in the A-Class is a hard fact

The A-Class combines two extremes in an unusual manner: its compact design helps you in everyday operation, and with its well-though-out interior system you can adapt the load volume of the A-Class to your needs. Space is used efficiently, a maximum of safety is guaranteed. At the same time the A-Class offers you exemplary variability and quality right down to the minutest detail.

Plenty of space ex-works, although it is not immediately evident from the outside. The A-Class can easily accommodate five persons, four suitcases, a sports bag and a beauty case. You need a fully level surface without an interfering loading edge? No problem. Simply fold up the rear seat cushions, fold the backrests forwards and you can raise the height-adjustable floor to its upper position. The rear seats are divided in a 1 to 2 ratio - as standard, naturally. This makes it possible for you to fold, for example, only the right-hand part of the rear seats and at the same time accommodate a passenger in the rear.

  • Lots of space as standard: already the basic version of the A-Class features rear seats split in a 1 : 2 ratio.
  • Even more load area: the optional EASY-VARIO-PLUS system expands the load volume up to 1995 litres.
  • Benefits for everyday operation: the EASY-VARIO-PLUS system provides the highest level of variability for loading, enables the transport of even very bulky objects and a flexible, swift re-arrangement of the vehicle interior.
  • Variable load compartment floor: the variable load compartment floor can be adjusted to two different levels with a 90-mm difference in height.
  • Large selection: there is a whole series of engines and equipment variants to choose from.
  • Noble design and equipment lines: the A-Class can be further individualised and configured to complement its standard equipment: elegant with the ELEGANCE design and equipment line, or sporty with the AVANTGARDE equipment line.

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